The splurgy cast iron pan I wish I’d bought years ago.


Guaranteed Good Forever

FINEX cookware is crafted to last a lifetime and beyond, offering exceptional durability. This makes it not just a cooking tool but a potential family heirloom, embodying the idea of 'Good Forever' and sustainability through longevity.

Cooking with the 15" FINEX grill pan

Looks Good, Cooks Better

Hard angles. Smooth curves. The perfect mix of rough and polished textures. Each piece of FINEX is a blend of machined precision with organic contours and natural pebbling.

Precision Cooking

Each piece of FINEX cookware is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistent performance in the kitchen. This precision aids in creating perfectly cooked meals, enhancing the culinary experience for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs.

Modern design. Practical innovation. Traditionally crafted in the USA.

  • Designed For Life.

    FINEX pays homage to the best attributes of vintage cast iron cookware: machine-smoothed cooking surfaces, flaxseed oil pre-seasoning and stone-tumble polishing. We took to the drawing board and meticulously worked to make our pots and pans even better. Our cookware blends together essential elements of soulful cooking to give you the best experience and performance whenever and wherever life wants you to cook.

  • "Speed Cool" Handle

    Inspired by antique wood stoves and made from stainless steel, our ergonomically designed spring handle stays cool longer- no need for mitts when frying an egg. Feels great in your hand too.

  • Polished To Perfection

    Hand seasoning each of our pots and pans is a tedious extra step, but we know it's worth it. The result means eggs slide easily and sauces won't stick. You'll love cooking with it indoors and out, on any heat source- including induction.

  • More Control. More Variety.

    Eight sides for eight ways to get a bigger spatula in the pan and flip those flapjacks. Six spouts for easy pouring of sauces and liquids. Used with the FINEX cast iron lid, you get a flavor seal for simmering, braising or steaming your favorite foods.

  • Functional Elegance.

    Natural near-nonstick performance with a cooking surface that's simply cast iron and organic flaxseed oil. A "Speed Cool" handle inspired by antique wood stoves, designed to temper heat and feel great while in use. Our cookware is equally at home on the stove, in the oven, on the grill or over a bed of coals. The patented octagonal shape? It's not just for looks the sides make it easier to release cornbread and each spout is another opportunity to pour soups and stews without dripping on the table. 

  • Details Make The Difference

    Whether crafting cookware or cooking a meal, we believe attention to detail turns the everyday into something extraordinary. "Details make the difference" guides our design choices and our commitment to handcraft today.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve wanted a Finex skillet since I first saw one. Finally got one and I love it! Fit and finish is amazing! I got the 12” and I plan to mainly use it for searing steaks and other meats. My only regret so far is not getting the lid with it. I will get the lid soon!

C. Parrish

Another great Finex kitchen essential! Talk about an amazing Dutch Oven. The style is one of a kind, and the performance cannot be beat.


This is a beautiful griddle. The workmanship is superior, and the super smooth surface is just what I was looking for since I no longer want to use nonstick cookware. I've tried many griddles, but this is the best and my forever pan. I followed the instructions provided for using and maintaining the pan and its worked perfectly. Yay!


This is expensive but so worth it...because it is wonderful, very versatile, works on induction cooktops and gas grills. If you care for it and about it you will pass on for generations.


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